our core values

The following values flow from our core beliefs and we seek to uphold them as a community:

We aim to be fully devoted to Jesus Christ, loving Him with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind.

We submit to the Bible as the foundation of our faith and seek to embrace its teachings and obey its commandments.

We acknowledge our dependence on God, and seek to demonstrate that by cultivating a lifestyle of prayer.

We want to be reminded of the gospel regularly and share it with others, as it is the only source of lasting transformation.

We value other people, since we all matter to God. God loved us even when we didn't deserve it and we too seek to love others even when they least expect or deserve it.

We seek to cultivate a caring community that is united in love, as an expression of God's love for people of every kind.

We recognize that every Christian has unique gifts and seek to equip them to use those gifts to minister to others.

We aim to be both relevant and faithful in our interactions with the city around us, expressing our love for others in ways that are understandable in our time and place but do not compromise our integrity as followers of Christ.