sunday worship service

Feel free to join us for our corporate worship service, which takes place from 10:00-11:30 AM every Sunday. During our time together we praise God with contemporary and traditional songs, we sit under the teaching of one of our pastors or elders (or an occasional guest speaker) as they exposit scripture, and we share communion together as a celebration of Jesus' sacrificial love. And, of course, there's always fellowship afterwards for those who can stick around! You can access our sermon archive here, or if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Women in the word

Women in the Word is one of the longest-running ministries at Auburn. On Wednesday women come together to enjoy biblical teaching, food, fellowship, and prayer together from 9:15-11:30 a.m.  If you have any questions about Women in the Word feel free to email Ruth or Liz.

Care groups

At Auburn, we encourage all of our members to be part of Care Groups. There, they can learn together, encourage one another, and connect with one of the elders for pastoral care. Most of our groups run from October through May, although there are some exceptions. Please contact the group's leader for more information!

  • Arnie Bauman

    When: Weekly on Sunday Evenings

    Where: Lakefield

    Contact: Arnie Bauman

  • Brent Mackie

    When: Weekly on Sunday evenings

    Where: Cavan

    Contact: Brent Mackie

  • Brian Miller

    When: Biweekly on Monday Evenings

    Where: Armour Road North

    Contact: Brian Miller

  • Paul Volk

    When: Weekly on Monday Evenings

    Where: Auburn Bible Chapel

    Contact: Paul Volk