Supported workers and ministries

Below is a list of ministries and workers that we support as a congregation. We formally endorse the work that these individuals and organizations do and encourage our members to pray for and support them financially as the Lord leads. If you wish to support any of these ministries financially, please see the Giving page of this website.

  • Roy and Rose Tibbit

    Roy and Rose work for Wycliffe Bible Translators in South Africa. To find out more about them and their ministry, feel free to email Roy or check out their blog.

  • Carl and Pat Whitehead

    Carl and Pat work with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Paupa New Guinea. To find out more about them and their ministry, feel free to email Carl.

  • Hope Valley Day Camp

    Hope Valley Day Camp is situated just north of Peterborough and runs summer camps for kids that introduce them to Christianity and the Gospel. To find out more about Hope Valley, check out their website.

  • Marion Loney

    Marion is a retired teacher who served with IT Teams and Amicus, and now serves God in Peterborough through personal visitations, mentoring, and discipleship.

  • Marion Robinson

    Marion is a retired minister's wife who continues to do God's work in Peterborough.

  • Peterborough Pregnancy Support Services

    Peterborough Pregnancy Support Services offers help to women facing unplanned pregnancies and their partners. To find out more about PPSS, check out their website.

  • Darryl Parsons

    Darryl works with the Youth Unlimited national team in the area of communication and ministry logistics. To learn more about Darryl and his ministry, feel free to email him directly.